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In Touch with a Universal Master Encounters with Master M von Mantese, Mario (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 29.05.2017
  • Verlag: Books on Demand
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In Touch with a Universal Master

This unusual biography portrays the life and unbounded spiritual workings of Mario Mantese. People who know him for many years tell of their meetings with Master M and of his extraordinary universal activity. They share accounts of wondrous, astonishing, and mystifying occurrences, which they experienced in his presence. They were deeply touched by the light that emanates from him, and could thus discover unfathomed depths within their own lives. What unfolds for the reader is a glimpse into the limitless, luminous foundation of our world. In 1978 Mario Mantese was a successful musician, the bass player of the American pop-soul group 'Heatwave' ('Boogie Nights', 'Groove Line', 'Always and Forever'). After a tragic incident in London he was clinically dead for several minutes. He was reanimated, and remained in a coma for over a month. When he awoke he was blind, unable to speak, and paralyzed from head to toe. During this time of immense outer limitation, he was able, internally, to contact the deepest power of healing, the Divine. He realized through this tremendous out-of-body experience that he was living eternally without a body, a realization which totally transformed him. This spiritual energy, teamed with tremendous determination, allowed him to emancipate himself from any suffering. In the following years he was also allowed to do this for thousands of people. Since that time Mario Mantese, also known as Master M, has written many books and holds gatherings and darshans through-out the world.


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    Erscheinungsdatum: 29.05.2017
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In Touch with a Universal Master

Not from This World

Herbert Werner - Germany

I stepped through the doorway into the adjoining room and ran smack into the gaze of Mario Mantese. Stunned as I was, my body managed to move across the room. But I knew immediately that I had entered another dimension. His powerful gaze, soft but piercing, seemed for a moment to stop time itself. I think sometimes that at that very moment my life was restructured by a higher power, realigned in a completely new direction.

Shortly after this first encounter, the gatherings were initiated. When I first observed M.M., I noticed the unsteadiness of his physical body. His walk was wobbly, and many of his movements required great concentration. I was deeply impressed when I witnessed his calm and care as he maneuvered his handicapped body. His speech was often unclear, his voice still showing the effects of his painful accident. But despite his outer appearance, I discovered a vital, bright, and dynamic spirit and a room filled with tremendous light. I knew he was the source of this light.

"Today we let go of time and space and move into the all-encompassing Land of Silence." These were his initial words. We seated ourselves quietly and straightened our bodies. Very soon, I noticed the vibration in the room intensifying enormously. It flowed into us and lifted us into a luminous, timeless state. This strong energy created a platform from which he shared his intense, deeply penetrating words. After he spoke awhile, he invited us to ask questions.

One person questioned:

Q.: Can you give advice on how I can overcome my great fear of death?

M.M.: Can your eyes see themselves?

Q.: No, but what does that have to do with death?

M.M.: Have you seen your own death, that event you are so afraid of?

Q.: I haven't exactly seen my own death, but I have lost someone who was very close to me. This person has died. This abrupt end, which comes so unexpectedly and wipes out everything, really scares me. I don't know how to deal with this.

M.M.: This occurrence you are calling death, you have observed it outside your own being. You have lost someone. Now the impressions, the images, and the information from this event have lodged themselves in your mind. If you look closely, you will recognize that it is these images and impressions that are arousing your fears and emotions.

You have adopted an idea that you, the subject, can have and possess another person as an object. Now you have lost him, and you are sad. But has this man really belonged to you, in such a way that you now have really lost him? How can one really lose another person?

Please see this clearly. We are not dealing with death itself but rather with concepts of death, with opinions and ideas, gain and loss, the discharge of thoughts in the brain. Looking at it this way, we can see that death takes place only in your mind.

You cannot observe yourself sleeping or dying, because your body has absolutely nothing to do with these things. And yet you are convinced that you are the body and your outer senses. But this I that believes that I sleep, I wake, I live, and I die is not your body, for your body can neither think nor speak. Your body is only the instrument that enables you to express thoughts and feelings in words and actions!

This I is only a concept, nothing real or lasting. It builds itself up from subjective impressions, pictures, and information. But these are only appearances in your brain.

Memories are merely shadows of the mind, and they disappear as soon as they are seen for what they are. When you recognize this clearly, death itself is dead, as is the one who conceives and produces these deceptions. Never has someone died, for in reality this someone has never existed.

You are not that whic

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