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About Hearing Praying, Blessing, Conselling von Becker, Heinrich (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 13.07.2013
  • Verlag: Books on Demand
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About Hearing

The purpose of this book is to give each reader courage to depend completely upon the Holy Spirit when praying with and blessing others and when practicing counselling. Through Listening. He knows exactly what each individual person needs and what can help them the most. 25 years of experiencing the working of the Holy Spirit have been woven into these accounts. Building upon Listening Prayer and Listening Blessing, we are led into Listening Counselling. This book is not one (a book) which should teach a method, so that we can learn how to counsel as if following a recipe, but shares the accounts of the miracles which we experienced as we were closely led by the Holy Spirit. How well he knows his children, how he lovingly brings to their attention what is hidden and can be a help to us. So that the Father's children can finally enter and live in freedom. Heinrich Becker Degree in Mathematics and Business Administration at Technical University of Berlin. Until 2009 Executive Manager in major multinational corporations in the area of logistics. Speaker on many national and international logistics conferences. Co-author of 'Handbuch Kommissionierung' (compendium order picking) Heinrich Vogel Verlag, Munich 2009. Since 1970 voluntary work in a Christian network with focus on counselling. Speaker and preacher in several churches. Hildegard Becker Degree as teacher for elementary and secondary school, followed by 10 years of teaching. Leader of 'Breakfast for Women' in Frankfurt/ Germany in the mid 1980ies (www.fruehstueckstreffen.de). After job-related move of her husband leader of 'Breakfast for Women' in Munich until 2009. Since 1970 voluntary work in a Christian network with focus on counselling. Speaker at many 'Breakfast for Women' events in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Preacher in several churches. Author of 'Die Lebensmitte kommt bestimmt' (Midlife comes for sure), Johannis Verlag, 1999.


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