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And in This Corner A Thought Provoking Journey Into a Spirtual Main Event! von Mansur, Jason (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 26.01.2016
  • Verlag: Yorkshire Publishing
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And in This Corner

In a world of photoshop, 'reality tv', ghost writers, and content editors, do you ever wonder if anything you read or see is authentic anymore? Authenticity scares many people. Nobody's perfect and yet often times that's just what many of us pretend to be. Why? Why do we fear being different? In this book we'll delve into some very personal and authentic waters of spiritual contemplation written with a fight night theme. The photos are real, the content real, and the heart is real. Just as real and unpredictable as the ring of combat, this book offers an unpredictable and uncut look directly into some places many would fear to explore. It's going to be fun! Will you join me in a spiritual journey down a thought provoking highway towards a destination of reconciliation? If we choose to see God in everything, we will in turn see the good in it!


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    Erscheinungsdatum: 26.01.2016
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    ISBN: 9781942451259
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And in This Corner

Love vs Lust I NTRODUCTION: U p next is the slightly less anticipated battle between two likely rivals. These next two opponents are so closely matched that in the chaos of the fight, it can be hard to tell the two apart. This is likely to be a fight that will go the distance. Up first from the blue corner is Love who has the slight upper hand when it comes to experience. Out of the Red Corner comes lust with a "fresh out of the gates" energy. Without further ado...let's get round one started. Ding, Ding. As long as we are talking about lust and love, I thought I would start with one of the most difficult situations to face any couple. There is that one question that seems to come up time and time again with historically unpredictable results. Five little words can send shivers down any man's spine. The following five words that seem to pop up out of nowhere and arranged in this exact order, should be avoided at all costs: "Do you think she's pretty?" Let me offer some advice with handling this risky situation. Ladies skip ahead to the underlined bold "Ladies" below, the following advice is classified. Jesus was really good at answering difficult questions by asking more questions and I think if anyone can get us out of this one, it's Him. You see guys, this question doesn't just pop out of nowhere. We bring this one on ourselves. However, an exit strategy is still required for casualties to be limited. Follow this script in an attempt to survive. Your first response is always without a doubt, "Do I think who is pretty?" The whole idea here is to avoid the conversation and best case scenario, it ends here. Worst case scenario, it's followed by, "Oh you know who," with a slight tilt in her head and that piercing stare of death. At this point you are in a lose, lose situation. If you say no, you'll probably get, "If you don't think she's pretty, then you must think I am really ugly." Now you have hurt her feelings and you may have slightly told a "white lie." But if you answer "yes," well, I think you all know how that story will end. LOL! Ladies , don't ask questions you don't want to know the answer to and guys, try to keep your eyes on the prize. This is one of those situations where two people don't agree on something and it's okay. Men and women don't always see eye to eye on things that we are internally wired to see differently. Sometimes we can adapt in order to manage the emotional response to the differences, but that doesn't diminish the impact of the conflicting situation, opinion, or likewise on either party. The important piece lies in having an open honest relationship then quickly flagging the situation and coming to a mutual agreement on how to best handle it. It's not just a man vs woman thing either. The more we study the differences in personalities and internal wiring of individuals, the more we realize just how different we really are. I've battled personally and observed those close to me that struggled with the temptations of lust and the challenge of how to decipher it from love. I am sure I am not alone in stating how difficult it is to observe someone you love struggling to balance these powerful emotions and then have to watch from a distance as the carnage accumulates from its misinterpretation. I don't quite understand why, but at times it would seem that many have thrown in the towel on even trying. There is this destructive idea to, "Just do what makes you happy" or, "If it feels good, do it" or the worst one yet, "You only live once!" YOLO! What a ridiculous way to look at life or make decisions. You have to carry the consequences of your decisions the rest of your life and that life will never seem short enough, if that baggage is heavy. Self control is a fruit of the Spirit and learning to control your emotions in order to avoid that baggage is an importa

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