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Conversations of a Watchman Prayers to Frame Your Prophetic Destiny von Allen, K. E. (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 07.11.2012
  • Verlag: Fresh Reign
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Conversations of a Watchman

Conversations of a Watchman is a revelatory, Biblically sound, inspirational and empowering resource. It is a must-have weapon in the spiritual arsenal of every intercessor, prayer ministry, leadership team, and believer. As you read, you will learn to pray the heart and mind of God and take authority over the enemy, so you can live the life you were destined to live.


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Conversations of a Watchman


The Love of God

Father, I thank You that the love of God is shed abroad in my heart by the Holy Spirit. Through the help of the Holy Spirit, I patiently endure in the spirit of kindness. Because of Your love at work in me, I counter envy and jealousy with the love of God and boast only in the Lord Jesus Christ. I resist pride, and I choose to walk in the spirit of humility.

Father, by Your grace, I humble myself and speak well of others' accomplishments. I submit myself to You and resist the temptation to boast. I demonstrate the fruit of Your Spirit in my life through joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, kindness, and meekness.

Because Your love is active in me, I will not lose heart. I will persevere through adversity, sickness, and pain - both mental and physical. Through the power of Your Love, I will pray for those who offend me. I will be slow to retaliate, slow to anger, and slow to penalize.

There is no agony in mature love. Your love completes and refines. Mature love throws out fear because fear has harsh consequences. Fear puts to flight, startles through strange occurrences, seizes with alarm, and causes hesitation. Therefore, I resist the spirit of fear, and I submit to Your love that I may have true affection for You and mankind.

Father, Your love provides relief. Your Love is sympathetic, helpful, affectionate, and gentle. Therefore, I stand firm against the idea of taking advantage of others. You have given all things that pertain to life and godliness. Therefore, I choose to focus on Your total provision and an unlimited supply. Father, my exertion and inspiration is for You alone because You are love.

I seal this prayer in the name of Jesus the Christ. Amen.

Scripture references : I Corinthians 13; Romans 5:5



(This may be used as a guide to help you begin to frame your destiny .)

My personal Conversation with the Father regarding:

Discover what the Word of God says about:

Search out and write down the verses in the Bible that mention the word(s), phrase(s), or concept(s):

How are these word(s), phrase(s), or concept(s) applicable to you, your family, your church, your community, or your nation?

What do you want to say to the Father about what He has said?

Take a moment to meditate on the Word(s) that seem more pronounced to you as you read what God has to say. After meditating on what He has said, what do you hear the Holy Spirit speaking to your Heart? Take the Scriptures you found, along with what the Holy Spirit is speaking to your heart, and use them to change and frame your destiny:

The Mind of Christ

Father, let Your Holy Ghost fire purge me from every corrupt opinion, distorted principle, and false teaching. Let Your truth prevail in my heart and mind. I continually welcome Your truth in the innermost parts of myself. Allow Your truth to be the pervading force in every area of my life so that my thoughts, mind, words, and actions are free from ungodly affection, pretense, simulation, falsehood, and deceit.

I thank You that my passion is for Your presence and Your Word. I search after Your desires, Your heart, and Your glory.

I submit to the peace of God that passes understanding and resist the temptation to be easily irritated. I thank You that my mind is free to consider spiritual concepts. I refuse to give in to the temptation to consider or contemplate things contrary to Your plans and purposes. I reflect on beautiful things and meditate on Your Word in the day and night watches. I have the mind of Christ, so I can envision Your excellent d

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