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Fathers in the House Why Everyone Needs a Father. von Bismark, Tudor (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 13.07.2015
  • Verlag: BookBaby
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Fathers in the House

Fathers in the House provides answers for young pastors and ministers navigating the arena of vocational ministry. Bishop Tudor Bismark, through personal example and biblical proof, offers a father's insight on some important questions on the dividing live of ministry today.


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Fathers in the House

Corporate Fathering

This is the propriety of fathering. It is a sense of fathering. It is a collective group of individuals, a collective spirit within a region that is released. It is corporate fathering. It is an umbrella format where individuals slip under that covering and submit to the corporate voice.

The Spirit of Fatherhood

Corporate fathering works through an anointing that covers a nation, a city, a family, even a time or a season. It is a spirit that comes upon a region where there is a need for it, but the need is not filled; or where the need is filled, but no one is receiving from the benefit of that fathering.

If you grew up in a neighborhood like I did, everybody that was older than me was an uncle. They were literally fathers, though. Amongst African cultures and in Zimbabwe right now we can have people that will say 'So-and-so's my brother' when he actually is a cousin. They can say 'So-and-so's my father' when he actually is an uncle.

You can have the spirit of fathering where you have many fathers. In our neighborhood, our dad would be on what they would call a ten-day fortnight (gone for ten days at a time and come back for four) and there were men that had different jobs. These individuals were literally fathers in the region, so the spirit of fatherhood controls and sets the temperament of a particular region.

The Covering Component of Fathering

A patch covers nothing. Covering means that you are totally surrounded. The individual cannot be seen, only the covering. So, this thing completely covers me. That means that no matter what comes on me now, the covering is responsible. The covering takes the glory. The covering takes the honor. So that even if I preach well and do well it is the covering that gets the honor for it.

So when you ask for somebody to cover you, when you ask for a covering or a father to cover you, it means that you will respond like Jesus. He said 'It is my Father that did this'. It is my covering that did this. It is not me. I did not raise this man from the dead. Where was the Father when the people needed to be raised from the dead before He sent Jesus? He was not there. But Jesus kept saying 'It is my Father. It is my covering.' So when we ask for somebody to be a covering on our lives, are we sure we want a father that will do that? Or are we really asking for a patch? Or a mentor? Or a guide? Or a counselor who will see us through a small season? It is a serious thing to ask for covering or fathering.


We learn an important principle in 1 Samuel 9:22 within the confines of the life of King Saul. Saul does not know he is going to be king. He has no idea. If you read 1 Samuel 9:1 Saul was from the tribe of Benjamin and his father was a man named Kish. Kish was a mighty man of power. He had a son whose name was Saul. He was a choice young man, but watch this:

And Samuel took Saul and his servant, and brought them into the parlor, and made them sit in the chiefest place among them that were bidden, which were about thirty persons.

1 Samuel 9:22

Samuel brings Saul to his parlor and made Saul sit in the chiefest place. There were others invited, 30 persons in all, although they remain unnamed. Let us pay attention to a couple of things.

Samuel lived in Ramah. His parlor or his dining room had a table at which 30 people could sit. There was accommodation for 30 people, suggesting Samuel enjoyed a measure of prosperity in his day. When Saul arrives, he comes into a place where the anointing of the fathers is present. So he is going to be anointed as king or solicited to be king, but he cannot be made king of the nation without the anointing of fathers. Thirty elders, choice men selected out of Israel were brought into the presence of Saul and they have already eaten. The servant is told to bring the shoulder meat por

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