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Four in One von Brooks, Scott (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.1900
  • Verlag: BookBaby
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Four in One

Four in One contains within it four published books written by Scott and Bonna Brooks. These four individual books work together in this Four in One book as a single unit with some concepts more fully explained in some of the books than in others. Book 1: Twos and Threes Book 2: Would you like to see an Amazing Miracle? Book 3: Deeper Friendships Book 4: At His Feet Four in One is written from a relational view of the Christian life. As such, it is a wonderful book toward a more relational Christian life that is so helpful with friendships with Jesus and each other! IF you get it, read it numerous times, digest it, and know it well, THEN may Jesus use it in wonderful ways in your life to bring you into all that the book's dedication states: 'We dedicate this Four in One book to you the reader and also to Jesus. May the Holy Spirit use this book to grow you all the more into a wonderful friendship with Jesus. And may that friendship positively affect all of your other friendships as well.'


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    Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.1900
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Four in One

Introduction by Scott and Bonna Brooks

There are four books combined into this Four in One book:

Book 1: Twos and Threes

Book 2: Would you like to see an Amazing Miracle?

Book 3: Deeper Friendships

Book 4: At His Feet

These four books work together as a single unit with some concepts more fully explained in some of the books than in others. So, even though each of the four books is published and available separately, we thought it would benefit you to have all four books combined into this Four in One book, including having them in the correct order. We thought this would be better than you having one of the four books and trying to figure out how it ties to the other three books, or trying to locate a copy of any of the books that you are missing.

Even though we recommend reading the books in order, there is one exception. If you struggle with knowing that God exists, then we would recommend that you first read Would you like to see an Amazing Miracle? (Book 2), because in that book there are instructions that give easy steps for you to take so that there will be a very high percentage chance that you will get to see a miracle with your own eyes - which will let you know for sure that Jesus (who is God) is alive and is doing miracles today!

When I, Scott, first became a Christian after living the first twenty years of my life as an atheist, I would have loved to have a copy of this Four in One book! Instead, it took me many years of reading the Bible and looking to learn from Jesus in all of life, in order to learn the many things that are explained in this book. At one point, my son David shared how it had taken three months for him to learn the latest thing Jesus was teaching him. I then shared with David that the same thing took me three years - and that unlike David, I did not have anyone at that time who could explain to me what I was in the midst of learning - which in turn could have helped me to learn it much more quickly, just like David did. So, if this book helps you to learn these things much quicker than it has taken me, then I am excited for you! And I hope these things become at least as valuable to you as they have become to me!

I, Bonna, contributed only a little to writing Would you like to see an Amazing Miracle? (Book 2). But, I have read all four books many times! You might think that I would master the material after a single read. But, similar to reading the Bible, each time I read them, the Holy Spirit makes new things stand out to me and in turn helps me to grow all the more as a Christian. Not only do I learn new things, but I also really enjoy reading about such things as the wonderfulness of Jesus! I especially like to look at the character and desires of God that are so important that they are listed four times in this Four in One book, and God has used my reading of those characteristics and desires to build a stronger foundation for my entire Christian life. I hope you are as helped and blessed by the material in this Four in One book as I have and continue to be!

The Gospel

All four books contained in Four in One give an explanation of the Gospel - with the greatest details being in Deeper Friendships (Book 3). Since the Gospel is so incredibly important, we thought it would be good to now share it with you one additional time, but first taking a look at how the Gospel is often shared from a judicial standpoint instead of from the better and fuller context found in the Bible that explains it from a relational standpoint. To us, the Gospel makes so much

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