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I Believe in God, Now What? von Branch, Jordone (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.1900
  • Verlag: Godly Writes Publishing
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I Believe in God, Now What?

'For a moment's time after a sexual orgasm, I would feel great. Yet, only minutes later, I was back to being reminded of my insecurities and the havoc that stemmed from trying to cover them up in the false hope of being saved by idols.'- I Believe in God, Now What? I Believe in God, Now What? is a candid depiction of Jordone's testimony and the struggles she experienced before coming to God. In this inspiring book about her life, Jordone Branch helps you learn more about God to avoid the mistakes she had to learn for herself. After reading, you'll discover how to:- Conquer and prevent depression, fear, anxiety, and worry- Inspire your future by fully releasing your past- Understand why God is so protective of His daughters - Instantly resolve issues hindering a deep relationship with God. Prior to knowing the Lord, Jordone had religion, but lacked a true relationship with the Father. After being raped, she began a quest to experience the Lord for herself beyond the four walls of the church. Through that quest, she began to experience forgiveness, love, and a peace like no other on this Earth. Her journey allowed her to understand the purpose of knowing God beyond belief. Now, she's dedicated to helping others experience that same peace by teaching them to relieve their problems and hurt in the Lord. Her candid testimony genuinely shares her battles with addiction, premarital sex, and alcohol abuse that all led to the point where she finally realized there is no relief except relief in God. Her story is sure to inspire, uplift, and encourage you to have a deeper relationship with the Lord.


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    Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.1900
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    ISBN: 9780996799713
    Verlag: Godly Writes Publishing
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