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Philippians Word Come Alive von Manser, Martin (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 15.09.2016
  • Verlag: BookBaby
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Word Come Alive: - is an expanded translation of the New Testament of the Bible by respected editor Martin Manser - supplies linking phrases and background information in italics within the text to help make its message more immediately understandable - aims to express the sense of the original in contemporary, natural English that will have a powerful effect on readers, with a fresh, incisive quality that will make readers sit up and think. Who is behind Word Come Alive? Martin Manser, a professional reference-book editor. He has compiled or edited more than 200 reference books, particularly Bible-reference titles, English-language dictionaries and business-skills books. He is also a Language Trainer and Consultant with national and international companies and organisations. Word Come Alive: an extended translation (paraphrase) of the New Testament that shows additional explanatory phrases in italics in actual text. For example, Philippians 4:10-13: I was immensely delighted in the Lord that your kind concern for me eventually blossomed afresh. I appreciate the fact that you were concerned for me all along, but I realise you lacked the opportunity to express your concern. Please don't misunderstand me. I'm not writing this because I feel hard done by and am in need. No; I've learnt the secret of being content in whatever circumstances I find myself. I know from experience what it is not to have enough and I know what it is to have more than enough. My contentment doesn't depend on my circumstances, you see. I've come to learn the secret of being content in any - yes, every - situation, whether I'm full to bursting or I'm faint from lack of food, whether I'm living in the lap of luxury or I've not got two pennies to rub together. I am content whatever my circumstances and can do all his will through Christ, who gives me his dynamic energy. Christ is the source of my strength: his power equips me to face life's challenges.


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