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The Ezekiel Connection Temple of God, Nile River, Great Pyramid, and Flying Machines von Waldrop, Kenneth M. (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 23.05.2014
  • Verlag: BookBaby
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The Ezekiel Connection

The evidence presented in this book will profoundly alter your viewpoint and conceptions of Ezekiel's visions as portrayed in The Holy Bible. The research in this book is focused on Ezekiel's measurements and descriptions that generate conclusions which have never before been revealed. This analysis is supported with pictures and drawings that make Ezekiel's visions clear and understandable to the reader. Ezekiel's connections to wings, faces, wheels, living creatures, holy temples, and holy waters were all included in the miracle visions he experienced between 594 B.C. and 573 B.C.. Ezekiel's verses are filled with mysterious measurements and descriptions which theologians have attempted to decipher for centuries, mostly with conflicting results as to what Ezekiel really witnessed or encountered. Why is the information Ezekiel recorded so confusing? For what purpose were the emissaries of God who accompanied Ezekiel so intent on making certain he correctly and precisely recorded everything he witnessed? Were the recordings of Ezekiel intended to verify that a higher intelligence was present on Earth thousands of years ago? Have surviving remnants from a past civilization on Earth, or extraterrestrials from far away worlds, tried to warn us to adhere to the laws of civilization that would ensure the survival of mankind instead of our destruction? Could Ezekiel's writings have been left for future generations to decipher and understand once mankind had intellectually and technically advanced? To answer these questions, this book is divided into three sections; 1. THE TEMPLE OF GOD or THE GREAT PYRAMID 2. THE HOLY WATERS or THE NILE RIVER 3. LIVING CREATURES or FLYING MACHINES. The Ezekiel Connection is methodically laid out to demonstrate what Ezekiel was describing in his visions. With this new information you will be able to draw your own conclusions.


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