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Unmasking the Jezebel Spirit von Jackson, John P. (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 16.07.2012
  • Verlag: Streams Ministries
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Unmasking the Jezebel Spirit

Has the wool been pulled over your eyes? With keen insight, John Paul Jackson peers through the enemy's smokescreen and exposes one of the most deceptive snares used to destroy the Church. Bibically anchored, this fascinating book is seasoned with years of divine revelation and filled with stories of those who have encountered the Jezebel spirit. Whether you're a leader or a layperson, this book will challenge the way you interact with others in the Body of Christ, and it will show you how to be firm yet Christ-like when dealing with people who are operating under the influence of this spirit.


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Unmasking the Jezebel Spirit



N ELSON TOOK ANOTHER sip of coffee and continued to watch the attractive young woman. She was tastefully dressed in a dark suit and had the look of optimism - a confident handshake and direct eye contact, while soulfully engaging people in conversation. With her penetrating charisma, the woman was vivacious and enthusiastic. She had the ability to draw people to her. She was fun to be with and seemed to be a devoted student of the Bible.

Nelson's church was beginning to shrink. Individuals that he had earmarked for leadership had left. To fill their void, Nelson needed to find new leaders. Each month his desperation increased, as the money from tithes and offerings continued to shrink.

During their times together, the woman suggested her theories on how to increase church membership. A savvy businesswoman, she created a blueprint to steer the church towards a position of dominance. Over the ensuing months, she became more entrenched in the church and began to lead a women's Bible study group.

At the same time, Nelson was puzzled by the woman's beliefs. She seemed to be in touch with the spirit, however, it seemed to be a "dark spirit." This spirit had told her to do unusual things, some of which had previously resulted in immorality. Despite this, Nelson and his wife loved being around this woman. Seeing her potential, they met with the woman often and attempted to mentor her.

As they placed their hopes in her, young women in the church began to rally around this woman. While her influence grew, Nelson's diminished like a slow leaking tire. Each month, the church continued to shrink in members. Then, Nelson's wife began to suffer various illnesses, and his mind became filled with sexual fantasies. To make matters worse, his once amiable church staff became divisive and their vibrant small-groups program began to dwindle.

One day, Nelson called and asked for help. As I began to seek God, a dream came, allowing me to see through the enemy's smoke screen. I relayed what God had shown me, which he affirmed as accurate. But Nelson and his wife still seemed torn. Stalled by indecision and confusion, they continued to give the woman responsibility, leadership, and authority within the church. They admitted that she might occasionally receive counsel from a "spirit guide." Nonetheless, they loved this woman and wanted to help her. What were they to do?

What I have just described is called an unholy alliance - a relationship that draws you inevitably to dire results, even though you are aware the person willfully continues to sin. Furthermore, it is evident from Scripture that God does not sanction such a person being given a leadership position within the church. Nelson and his wife justified their decision not to remove this woman from leadership "for the sake of the Kingdom." Therefore, the Kingdom was compromised by the unholy arrangement, and their church suffered.

A similar situation happened with Omri, Israel's sixth king. To secure and enlarge his kingdom, Omri forged an unholy alliance through the marriage of his son, Ahab, to a foreign bride, Jezebel. This created a political bond between Israel and Tyre. The marriage was meant to seal a peace treaty between the two nations; however, the alliance proved to be a costly compromise. Ceremonially, it required that Israel follow the religious and political protocols of Ahab's new wife. This meant furthering the immersion of Israel into the worship of foreign gods. Therefore, by his plan to enlarge his kingdom, Omri actually positioned the Israelites in harm's way. His need to build a glorious nation blinded him to the consequences of his lawlessness.

By agreeing to take a fo

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