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Why I Love Being Catholic Dynamic Catholic Ambassadors Share Their Hopes and Dreams for the Future von Catholic, Dynamic (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 15.10.2018
  • Verlag: Orion Wellspring
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Why I Love Being Catholic

These days, it's challenging to be a Catholic. The collection of entries in Why I Love Being Catholic celebrates the best of the Catholic faith, highlights the everyday miracles taking place all around us, and reminds us that there are thousands of everyday heroes out there who dare to have big dreams for the Church. Even amidst the challenges of our times, holiness is possible, grace abounds, and there is every reason to live our lives with hope!


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Why I Love Being Catholic

One Why Do You Love Being Catholic? I feel such a profound peace when I go to Mass. As soon as I walk through the church doors, I can feel God's love engulf my inner self. It is a mixture of joy and peace that I cannot put into words. As I kneel to talk to my heavenly Father about my week and how I am so grateful that he never left my side for one second, I can tell him about all my problems and know he is listening to my every word. I am a lector at our church, and I read over the readings the night before to begin trying to picture what message God is relaying to me in the Scriptures. I go to Mass thirty minutes early to calm myself, but it doesn't matter-my heart starts to beat fast. I know it is because I am so excited that I am getting ready to relay a very important message to my brothers and sisters. There is this little voice inside of me that is saying, "I am with you, and you can do it." I love being Catholic because there are so many ways for me to show my love for the sick, the homeless, and the dying. But most of all it's knowing that I am doing all these things as God would want. - Wanda Jackson Catholicism just makes sense! - Mary Elizabeth Carrizales In July of 2008, I attended a Cursillo retreat. During the three-day retreat, I experienced a profound change of mind and heart, and for the first time since my childhood, I fell in love again with Catholicism. I love how God makes me aware of his gifts and challenges me to use these to help others. - Pat Ahearn At one point in my life, I became very confused and mixed up, and I left the Catholic Church for a while. But with the help of a few very dedicated Catholic friends who prayed for me, instructed me, and loved me back into the Church again, I am here to stay. As a priest told me once, "You used to have your mother's Catholic faith, but now you have made it your own." - Connie Beckman One of the reasons I love being Catholic is that when I immerse myself in the treasures of our faith, an insatiable hunger is created, a deep longing to draw closer to the Lord. - Lynn Marion I was raised in the Lutheran Church. When I was three years old, we moved to a rural western Kansas town that had been settled by Volga German Catholics. The area has some of the most beautiful Catholic cathedrals in America. Most of my friends and schoolmates were Catholic. My family did not understand the Catholic faith, though, so we made fun of the "fish-eaters." Fast-forward to my high school years; I started dating the girl who is now my wife and the love of my life. She was born, raised, and educated in the Catholic faith. Her family, immediate and extended, are all Catholic and some of the kindest people I have ever met. As I spent more time with her family, a song from my Lutheran Sunday school kept coming into my thoughts, "They Will Know We Are Christians by Our Love." This defined my wife's family and their philosophy on life. As our love grew, my grandmother made a comment to me: "That Susie is such a nice girl; too bad she is Catholic." I informed her that we were getting married and the wedding would be in the Catholic Church. She frowned and said she would not be attending, but she was there. As we were going through our marriage preparation classes, I asked the priest if I needed to join the Church so I could marry this girl. He replied, "No, but we do believe the family is always stronger when both parents belong to the Church." I had promised to join the Church when we started our family. When our son was born six years later, I still did not jump into the RCIA process. When he was about two years old, he asked, "Why doesn't Daddy go to Communion with us?" I realized the priest had been right, and I enrolled in RCIA, dreading the next nine months. To my surprise, it was

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