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Vehicle Dynamics von Meywerk, Martin (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 27.04.2015
  • Verlag: Wiley
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Vehicle Dynamics

Comprehensively covers the fundamentals of vehicle dynamics with application to automotive mechatronics Presents a number of different design, analysis and implementation considerations related to automobiles, including power requirements, converters, performance, fuel consumption and vehicle dynamic models Covers the dynamics, modeling and control of not only the entire vehicle system, but also of key elements of the vehicle such as transmissions, and hybrid systems integration Includes exercise problems and MATLAB® codes Accompanied by a website hosting animations
Martin Meywerk is a Professor and the Head of the Institute of Automotive and Powertrain Engineering at Helmut-Schmidt-University (University of the Federal Armed Forces Hamburg) in Germany. He teaches courses in vehicle dynamics, automotive mechatronics, computer aided engineering and optimization. His research focuses on dynamic behaviour of vehicles and tyres, driving simulators and CAE-methods in automotive engineering. Previously he has worked on research projects with Volkswagen, BMW, Daimler, Bast and other companies. He is the course instructor for a Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) in vehicle dynamics.


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Vehicle Dynamics

List of Abbreviations and Symbols

The tables on the following pages summarize the mathematical symbols and abbreviations used in this book. In most cases (but not in all), the indices used with the symbols indicate the following:

: , ,
Sometimes a symbol, which is needed only in a very local part of the book, could be used in another meaning than it is described in the following tabular, as well as sometimes the units can differ from those given in the tabular. Symbols that occur only in a small part of the book are not listed in the tabular.

Table 1 List of symbols
Symbol Description Units Acceleration of the vehicle m/s Aerodynamic area m Tyre slip angle (or locally used angle) rad ABS Anti-lock braking system - Clothoid parameter m ACC Adaptive cruise control - Angle of inclination of the road rad Progression ratio of a transmission 1 , Tyre slip angle ( front; rear) rad Average tyre slip angle ( front; rear) rad Inner tyre slip angle ( front; rear) rad Outer tyre slip angle ( front; rear) rad ASF Active front steering - ASR Anti-slip regulation - Vehicle sideslip angle rad Camber angle rad Cornering stiffness N/rad Mean cornering stiffness N/rad Aerodynamic drag coefficient 1 Aerodynamic lift coefficient ( front; rear) 1 CPVA Centrifugal pendulum vibration absorber - Aerodynamic crosswind coefficient 1 DAE Differential algebraic equations - Toe-in , toe-out rad Wheel load change at the inner wheel ; ( front; rear) N Wheel load change at the outer wheel ; ( front; rear) N Inertial reference frame - Efficiency of the differential 1 Efficiency of the engine 1 Mean efficiency of the engine 1 Efficiency of the drivetrain (transmission and differential) 1 Mean efficiency of the drivetrain (speed and torque converter, differential) 1

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