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Food Protection and Security Preventing and Mitigating Contamination during Food Processing and Production

  • Verlag: Elsevier Reference Monographs
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Food Protection and Security

Food Protection and Security: Preventing and Mitigating Intentional and Unintentional Contamination of Food and Beverage presents the latest information on our need to protect our food supply from accidental contamination, economically motivated adulteration, and contamination with intent to harm (bioterrorism or agro-terrorism). This book covers all three branches of food protection, providing a comprehensive overview of the methods and strategy involved. Part one covers the need for food protection, looking at potential hazards in the production, processing, and supply chain. Part two looks at detection methods for contaminants in food, with the final section addressing food contamination incidents and prevention and response strategies. Explores the need for food protection, from natural disasters to contamination in food processing facilities Examines techniques used to detect contaminants in food, such as microbiological testing and fingerprinting Provides key ways to address food contamination issues


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