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Insuring Your Peace of Mind Insider Secrets to Protecting Your Future von Wagner, Billy (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 09.01.2015
  • Verlag: BookBaby
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Insuring Your Peace of Mind

In this easy to read and sometimes humorous book you'll learn Insurance basics, how to make good Insurance choices, how to protect your personal assets, and what Insurance is right for you. Not a typical boring read, Billy Wagner has created the guide every Family should have in their library.


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Insuring Your Peace of Mind

Chapter 1

Isn't Insurance just all about Price?

Insurance companies online are spending billions of dollars every year to convince you that price is the only thing to consider when buying an Insurance policy. We have all seen the caveman, Flo, and the lizard make us laugh by focusing on how much money they could save you on Insurance. As a professional in the business I want to be the adult in the room and make sure the focus is on your protection. In almost every case we can put a package together for a family that not only saves them money but also eliminates gaps and overlaps in coverage. Since insurance is not something you can touch or feel consumers seem to be drawn to the cheapest price insurance. Keep in mind that Premium + an unpaid claim is the real price of going with the cheapest.

Most people want to make sure they are getting the best deal for their insurance but the inconvenient truth is that the best price is rarely the very best coverage or claims pay ability. Don't get me wrong price is very important; but if price was the only thing that was important, everyone would stay at Motel 6 and drive a Kia.

After price one other problem you will notice right away is most insurance companies do not explain their coverage very well. A lot of people today are ignorant as to what insurance is and what their policy actually covers. Who is going to want to buy a policy that is vague and undefined? Who is going to do business with a company that just promotes their name but gives little information about why insurance is important?

So this book is not going to sell you on any one company. Rather, it is going to explain how the insurance industry works and what you as a consumer can expect. It is going to explain why you personally need insurance and what you need to be looking for when shopping for a policy. That brings us to another crucial issue...

Why We Don't Like to Talk About Insurance

Believe it or not, the majority of intelligent people out there are willing to talk about the idea of insurance. The idea behind insurance coverage is actually a good one. Why pay for your property damages out-of-pocket or out of your savings account when instead you can transfer the risk to an insurance company? Knowing this to be true, why isn't the average American more concerned with securing the proper insurance coverage? Probably because of one of the following...

You think the policy you already have is as good as it gets.
You think switching insurance companies is complicated.
You do not have the time to deal with insurance with everything else you have going on.
You are afraid to question your current agent.
You do not like the person trying to sell you insurance. (Hey, it happens!)
You have had negative experiences with a particular company.
You do not see any advantage to switching insurance companies.
You bought insurance only because it was required by law.
These are the most common reasons that people close their mind to new insurance opportunities. Most insurance agents or insurance companies do not immediately address these claims, so the consumer sees no need for further investigation. The potential customer then views insurance talk as a waste of time, because there is no personal appeal there.

This mind set stems from the fact that most insurance companies fail to make an effort to reach consumers on a personal level. Now what if they said something with personal value like: "Did you know you could save money on car insurance even if you have a hot rod teenage driver?"

If you are a teenager or a parent, then your interest is piqued. Most Americans recognize that insurance coverage is a good thing, but there is a communication problem between the insured and the insurance company. This is why insurance agents where created, as the go-be

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