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Signal Processing and Integrated Circuits von Baher, Hussein (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 06.03.2012
  • Verlag: Wiley
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Signal Processing and Integrated Circuits

This book provides a balanced account of analog, digital and mixed-mode signal processing with applications in telecommunications. Part I Perspective gives an overview of the areas of Systems on a Chip (Soc) and mobile communication which are used to demonstrate the complementary relationship between analog and digital systems. Part II Analog (continuous-time) and Digital Signal Processing contains both fundamental and advanced analysis, and design techniques, of analog and digital systems. This includes analog and digital filter design; fast Fourier transform (FFT) algorithms; stochastic signals; linear estimation and adaptive filters. Part III Analog MOS Integrated Circuits for Signal Processing covers basic MOS transistor operation and fabrication through to the design of complex integrated circuits such as high performance Op Amps, Operational Transconductance Amplifiers (OTA's) and G m -C circuits. Part IV Switched-capacitor and Mixed-mode Signal Processing outlines the design of switched-capacitor filters, and concludes with sigma-delta data converters as an extensive application of analog and digital signal processing Contains the fundamentals and advanced techniques of continuous-time and discrete-time signal processing. Presents in detail the design of analog MOS integrated circuits for signal processing, with application to the design of switched-capacitor filters. Uses the comprehensive design of integrated sigma-delta data converters to illustrate and unify the techniques of signal processing. Includes solved examples, end of chapter problems and MATLAB® throughout the book, to help readers understand the mathematical complexities of signal processing. The treatment of the topic is at the senior undergraduate to graduate and professional levels, with sufficient introductory material for the book to be used as a self-contained reference.


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Signal Processing and Integrated Circuits


'Exact Calculation: The Gateway to Everything.'


' An Egyptian Mathematical Papyrus 1 , 1850 BC '

In 2006, Austria was celebrating the 250th anniversary of Mozart's birth. While enjoying the festivities, I gave two graduate-level courses at the Technical University of Vienna (TUW). One course was on Digital Signal Processing and the other dealt with Analog Integrated Circuits for Signal Processing with application to the design of Switched-capacitor Filters and Sigma-Delta Data Converters . The two courses complemented each other to such an extent that the idea of writing a book combining the material of both courses was quite attractive. As the idea became more compelling, the material was updated and the result is this book.

The objective of this book is to provide a coherent and harmonious account of both analog and digital signal processing . In the case of digital systems, the design is at the relatively high level of adders, multipliers and delays. In the case of analog systems, the emphasis is laid on integrated circuit implementations of both continuous-time and sampled-data (discrete) circuits and systems, reaching all the way to the transistor level. This provides a comprehensive treatment of analog MOS integrated circuits for signal processing, with application to the design of microelectronic switched-capacitor circuits and extension to the design of mixed-mode processors in the form of integrated sigma-delta data converters. In this context, integrated circuit realizations which have been used successfully in submicron and deep submicron implementations for ultra high frequency applications are also discussed. Finally, MATLAB® 2 is used throughout as a useful aid to the analysis and design problems.

The level of treatment is at the senior to first-year graduate and professional levels while providing enough coverage of fundamental junior-level material to make the book self-contained. The book is divided into four parts.

Part I contains one chapter, which is a general introduction. Chapter 1 gives a general overview and perspective of the general area of signal processing and the related disciplines, mentioning several applications. The growing areas of Systems on a Chip (SoC) and mobile communications are used for illustration of the wealth of knowledge required to design a complex signal processing system and to demonstrate the complementary relationship between analog and digital systems.

Part II contains eight chapters dealing with the techniques of signal processing in the analog and digital domains at the system and circuit levels while not reaching the transistor level. Chapter 2 is a review of the fundamental concepts and mathematical tools of analog signal and system analyses. This review can be regarded as a comprehensive summary of the fundamentals of analog signals and systems. It is the distillation of courses on these topics which are usually covered at the junior undergraduate level. Therefore, the discussion is quite compact , and the material can be used as an easy reference for later chapters and as a short revision course. Chapter 3 discusses the general theory and techniques of analog continuous-time filter design. These are important in themselves and are also of direct relevance to the design of all types of filter, including those which are of the sampled-data type such as digital and switched-capacitor filters. This is because the filtering operation is based on the same principles and, very often, analog continuous-time models are used as starting points for t

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