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Uncertainty-aware Integration of Control with Process Operations and Multi-parametric Programming Under Global Uncertainty
Quantum Many-Body Physics in Open Systems: Measurement and Strong Correlations
Development and Testing of Hand Exoskeletons
Development and Testing of Hand Exoskeletons
Bianchi, Matteo
139,09 €
Dynamical Characteristics of Inertia-Gravity Waves in the Antarctic Mesosphere
Power System Loads and Power System Stability
Electronic Communication in Heterometallated Porphyrin Oligomers
Phase Space Dynamics in Plasma Based Wakefield Acceleration
Novel Embedded Metal-mesh Transparent Electrodes
Fabrication and Physical Properties of Novel Two-dimensional Crystal Materials Beyond Graphene: Germanene, Hafnene and PtSe2
Angle-Resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy Studies of 2D Material Heterostructures
Molecular Mechanisms of Proton-coupled Electron Transfer and Water Oxidation in Photosystem II
Cosmological Probes of Light Relics -2%1
Cosmological Probes of Light Relics
Wallisch, Benjamin

142,79 €1

139,09 €