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Characterization of Neural Activity Using Complex Network Theory
Groundwater Distribution in the Recharge Area of Ljubljanica Springs
Arabidopsis BUPS-ANX Receptor Complex Coordinates with RALF Peptides to Regulate Pollen Tube Integrity and Sperm Release
Thermally-driven Mesoscale Flows and their Interaction with Atmospheric Boundary Layer Turbulence
Novel Luminescent Crystalline Materials of Gold(I) Complexes with Stimuli-Responsive Properties
Synthesis of Optically Active Oxymethylenehelicene Oligomers and Self-assembly Phenomena at a Liquid-Solid Interface
Fast Gates and Mixed-Species Entanglement with Trapped Ions
Transient Dynamics of Concentrated Particulate Suspensions Under Shear
Development of Novel Bioelectrochemical Membrane Separation Technologies for Wastewater Treatment and Resource Recovery
Plasmonics and Light-Matter Interactions in Two-Dimensional Materials and in Metal Nanostructures
Non-perturbative Renormalization Group Approach to Some Out-of-Equilibrium Systems
Development of a Numerical Simulation Method for Rocky Body Impacts and Theoretical Analysis of Asteroidal Shapes